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Meet The E-Board


Nico Lit


Major: Environment and Sustainability 24'


Nico is a sophomore from California currently studying the intersection of E&S, engineering, and politics. He is interested in the role that people and the government play in the transition of technological development to implemented solutions. He also enjoys drawing, hiking, playing piano, and spending time with his dogs.

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Ashley Stagnari

Vice President

Major: Environment and Sustainability 24'


Ashley is a sophomore in CALS with a concentration in Environmental Policy and Governance.  She is interested in bridging the gap between science and policy in an effort to address climate change and foster the growth of sustainable development. She is also an avid reader and enjoys exploring nature. 

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Thomas Jacuot


Major: Plant Science 25'


Thomas is excited to be this year’s SNRC treasurer!  He has a QuickBooks certification, has completed college courses in accounting, and has been the treasurer for multiple service clubs. In the future, he hopes to implement the systems necessary to stop the various current and future crises. He is considering minoring or double-majoring in E&S and has a special interest in kelp farming.

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Gabrielle Schnorbus


Major: Neuroscience 25'


Xel is a pre-med student, circus performer, and climate ambassador for the state of New York. She is interested in studying biological neuroscience and aims to become a neurosurgeon. On the side, she is also passionate about promoting sustainable fashion initiatives, music, and writing. Fun fact: she designed this website!


Maya Thakor

Terracycle Coordinator

Major: Environment & Sustainability 25'


 Maya is a student in CALS interested in the ways in which our current economic system affects prevailing attitudes and behaviors toward the environment and how it could be adjusted to promote environmental stewardship. In her free time, she loves hiking, taking her dogs on walks, and listening to music.


Domenic Varma

Public Relations Coordinator

Major: Environment & Sustainability 24'


Domenic is a sophomore from Ithaca, NY who is studying E&S with a concentration in economics. He is interested in reconstructing businesses in ways that reduce their impact on the environment. Outside of school, he enjoys snowboarding, cliff jumping, and most importantly hanging out with his dogs.

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